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About the City of Asheville Office of Sustainability

The Office of Sustainability works with all departments across the City to integrate sustainable design, technology and practice into municipal operations, infrastructure, and services. The target is an 80% municipal carbon footprint reduction from a 2008 baseline. As of 2017, the City has achieved a 31% reduction. Check out the links below to learn about specific initiatives: 

  • Municipal Energy Conservation
  • Financial Innovation
  • High Performance Design and Renewable Energy
  • LED Streetlights Program and Case Study
  • Behavior Change and Conservation Efforts
  • Fleet Fuel Conservation- Check out these videos to quiz your knowledge about driving behavior and fuel conservation:


Idling  Idling 
or AC
Stress on the Ignition Tire 
Regular Maintenance Warming up a Vehicle  Vehicle Emissions Excess 

In the News

Motor Week Highlights Asheville's Green Fleet, 9/25/14







Asheville Sustainability Infograph

Sustainability Infograph

Sustainability Management Plan

Asheville's Sustainability Management Plan (SMP), adopted in 2009, guides sustainability decision making at the City. The SMP includes eight focus areas, 16 goal items, and 107 action items.

Sustainability Management Plan

Municipal Operations Annual Reports

The annual sustainability report and carbon footprint update is anticipated to be released in the fall of 2019. This will allow the Office to incorporate input from the Renewable Energy Roadmap the City is partnering with Buncombe County on. 

Office of Sustainability Annual Report 2017

The City is responsible for a 31% reduction in municipal carbon footprint since 2008.

Carbon Footprint Update 2017

Previous Reports:

2016 Carbon Footprint Update
Carbon Footprint Update 2015

Carbon Footprint Update 2014
Carbon Footprint Annual Report 2013
Carbon Footprint Annual Report 2012
AVL Sustainability Update FY11
Carbon Footprint Report 2009-2010

Sustainable Energy

Sustainable Development and Economic Development Resources


Blue Horizons Project - The City partners with the Green Built Alliance on the The Blue Horizons Project to help the community reduce their energy use and increase access to clean energy. Go to their website to find out how you can reduce your energy use! 

Duke Energy Progress- The City and DEP created a strategic clean energy partnership in 2013 to find shared opportunities to lead the state in clean energy initiatives. In 2015, City Council adopted the Community Clean Energy Policy Framework

Curbside Management- Curbie is our wonderful partner who collects recycling for our curbside program.

Green Opportunities- The City partners with Green Opportunities in a variety of ways from conducting waste audits to providing weatherization education.

Asheville GreenWorks- The City of Asheville partners with Asheville GreenWorks, organizer of the quarterly Hard 2 Recycle events. 

Coca Cola Recycle and Win- In 2014, the City, Ingles and Coca Cola partnered to deliver a recycling incentive program.

Asheville- Buncombe Food Policy Council- The City works closely with this community organization to define and deliver on the municipal role in the local food economy

Bee City USA - The Asheville City Council voted unanimously to designate Asheville as the inaugural Bee City USA.  Take a look at these documents if you're interested in becoming a Bee City!

Asheville Home, Garden and Green Living Show- This City partners with this expo to host 8,000 people for a wonderful weekend filled with seminars, connections to service providers, and networking for green businesses.

Brightfields Transportation Solutions- The City partnered with Brightfields to install a solar powered electric vehicle station in the Public Working parking lot.

Danny’s Dumpsters- Danny Keaton operates a composting facility and serves numerous restaurants, businesses and grocers in WNC. The City partnered with Danny to host him on City land.

Strive Not to Drive- This annual event celebrates and challenges people to use alternative transportation for a week in May.

Renewable Energy Partnership Policy- This policy guides the city in pursuit of potential renewable energy partnership 

City of Asheville Office of Sustainability Staff

Location: Asheville City Hall, 2nd Floor
Mailing Address: PO Box 7148, Asheville, NC 28802

Amber Weaver


Sustainability Officer
Office Phone: 828-271-6141




Bridget Herring



Energy Program Coordinator
Office Phone: 828-259-5558