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Street Issues

Street Closures

Right of Way Maintenance

  • Report problems around sidewalks, call 828-259-5749.
  • Report potholes, call 828-259-5852.
  • Request street cleaning needs, call 828-251-1122.
  • Request street cleaning needs in downtown, call 828-259-5720.
  • Report street and bridge maintenance needs, call 828-251-1122.
  • Report issues with guardrail or handrail, call 828-251-1122.
  • Report line of sight issues and overgrowth, call 828-259-5720 or use the Asheville App.
  • Protect underground utilities from damage, call 811 or 1-800-632-4949 three working days before you dig NC811

Street Lights and Traffic Signals


  • Report trees blocking the road, call 828-259-5852 or use the Asheville App
  • Request tree trimming, call 828-251-1122.
  • Report leaning or fallen trees on power lines, call Duke Energy Progress at 1-800-419-6356 or 1-800-452-2777.
  • For more information about the Asheville Tree Commission, call 828-259-5932.
  • Identify or inventory trees in the City's urban forest using the Asheville Tree Map

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Water Issues

  • For information about your bill, call 828-251-1122.
  • To report a water leak, call maintenance staff at 828-259-5975.
  • To report no water at your residence, call 828-251-1122.
  • For water testing, call production staff at 828-271-6100.
  • Protect underground utilities from damage, call 811 or 1-800-632-4949 three working days before you dig NC811.

Sanitation Issues

Garbage Collection

  • Report missed garbage collection, call 828-251-1122.
  • When is my collection day? Use Simplicity to search by address.
  • Questions about your bill? Call 828-251-1122.
  • To request an additional trash cart for an additional $10.50 monthly fee, call 828-251-1122.
  • Report missing or broken trash carts, call 828-251-1122.

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Stormwater Issues

Stormwater Fee

  • Questions about your stormwater fee, call 828-251-1122.
  • Make a payment


Erosion Control and Sediment

  • To report emergency sediment, erosion or illicit discharge into a storm drain within the city limits - Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. call 828-232-4567. After normal business hours and holidays, call 828-251-1122.
  • If sediment or mud is being deposited on your property from a neighboring property, call 828-259-5846.
  • Report a neighbor dumping material into the storm drain, call 828-232-4567.

Stormwater Education

  • To request a stormwater presentation, call 828-232-4567.

Other Service Providers