Policing Services

The Asheville Police Department provides a wide range of public safety services. To learn more about the services offered from the police department, select from the menu located at the left.Police SUV

If you have a question that needs to be answered immediately or if you are unsure of which division may be able to help you, contact the Records Unit by calling (828) 259-5870 or Communications at (828) 252-1110.


Animal Services

Information on the department's Animal Services (Animal Control) Unit. Including information on animal permitting and licensing, spay and neutering, reporting missing animals, wildlife questions, and contact information.


Information on the department's Emergency Communications Section.

Crime Prevention

Crime prevention resources, information on crime prevention programming, and links to community events and outreach programming.


Contact information for the department's Criminal Investigations Section and information on  forensic services, cold case investigations, and resources for fraud/identity theft.


Information on the department's Patrol Division, with information on each of the patrol districts and patrol specialized units: the Public Housing Unit, the Downtown Unit, and Park Warden services. The "Policing Districts" option at the bottom of the menu provides detailed information for each of the department's patrol districts/areas.

Property and Evidence

Instructions on how to retrieve property stored by the department and prescription medication drop-off information.

Police Reports and Records

How to obtain a police report and referrals to agencies to check warrants, have your fingerprints taken, and obtaining a gun permit.

School Resource Officers

Contact information and information on the department's School Resource (SRO) program.

Specialty Units

Summaries of the department's specialized units.

Towed Vehicle Recovery

How to retrieve a vehicle towed by the police department and resources / information on the process, charges, and appeals process.

Victim and Witness Services

Contact information and a summary of services provided by the department and other local providers.

Policing Districts

Breakdowns of the departments patrol and policing districts, including information on police resource center locations and area supervisors.