River Arts District Form Based Code

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Where can I find a copy of the RAD Form Based Code? 

On November 14, 2017 City Council adopted RAD Form-Based Code. You can find a copy of the code here. 

What is Form Based Code?

Form-Based Codes are a newer zoning tool that focuses on the form and placement of new structures on parcels instead of relying on a list of permitted uses. By emphasizing the building form, the character of the area is enhanced and protected because the buildings, with their defining features and their placement, in relation to the street and sidewalk create a strong neighborhood context. These codes are tailored to the specific area they address, including the scale of the buildings.

In 2010, the city adopted a hybrid form-based code for the Central Business District (Downtown). There are several new buildings in downtown that were built under this code: AC Marriott at the corner of Broadway and College; Cambria Suites on Battery Park and Page Avenues; City Center Office building on College Street; and the apartments at 150 Coxe Avenue. The Haywood Road Form-Based Code was adopted by Asheville in September, 2014. The River Arts District was the next area to be piloted for this tool. City Council designated funding for this project in the FY 2014-15 Budget.

Supporting Document

River Arts District Form-Based Code Map - July 2017

Charrette Report


Process Timeline

2015 FEBRUARY: Consultant selection process
2015 JANUARY: RFP issued on January 12, 2015 2
2015 APRIL: Consultant selected: Code Studio from Austin, Texas.
2015, JUNE 17: Kick-off Meeting at Grant Center,6 p.m.
2015, JULY 25-30: CHARETTE WEEK at 372 Depot Street
2015 JULY 25: Public Workshop
2015 JULY 26-28: Open Studio and Stakeholder Interviews
2015 JULY 27-28: Open House: Lunch and Learn Sessions
2015 JULY 29: Final Presentation of Charrette visioning process
2015 SEPTEMBER: Charrette report to community
2015 NOVEMBER: Presentation of First Draft
2016 JANUARY: Code revisions, work with staff
2016 MARCH: 1st Draft Code Released
2016 APRIL – NOVEMBER: Stakeholder and public meetings with staff and consultants
2016 DECEMBER: Second Draft Code Released
2017 JANUARY - FEBRUARY: Staff took public comment and stakeholder meetings
2017 MAY: AARRC Review
2017 JUNE: Planning & Zoning Commission hearing on final code

2017 NOVEMBER: City Council adopts RAD Form Based Code

Contact Information

Sasha Vrtunski