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City of Asheville Housing Bond

City staff looks forward to our role in delivering quality projects to the Asheville community. Over the next few months staff will focus on developing project plans, schedules and communication tools. Project progress will be communicated through different tools and community meetings over the course of the next 7 years including quarterly updates to City Council.

The proposed $25 million in housing affordability bonds will provide additional support for the housing Trust Fund, a program that assists in creating diverse and affordable housing choices. It will also enable the city to re-purpose city-owned land for development that supports housing affordability.

The proposed bond program will supplement the programs that are already in the City's annual operating budget and capital improvement program.

Project Area Investment
Funding to re-purpose city-owned land for affordable housing Citywide $15,000,000
Housing Trust Fund Citywide $10,000,000
Total   $25 Million

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Understanding bonds & the Referendum Process

2016 Bond Referendum Process Timeline

Education Series - Exploring Permanently Affordable Homeownership Solutions

The City of Asheville's Community and Economic Development Department  presented a public education series about permanently affordable homeownership opportunities. These public sessions focused on identifying Asheville's affordable housing needs, and what options might be most successful at helping open homeownership opportunities and stabilize and strengthen neighborhoods. Below, please find information and materials for the sessions. 

Part 1: Community Land Trusts 101

Community Home Trust Presentation
Athens Land Trust Presentation
Durham Community Land Trustees Presentation

Part 2: Housing Cooperatives

Housing Cooperatives Presentation

Dolce Lomita Presentation

Part 3: How to Form a Community Land Trust

Session 3 Community Land Trust Presentation

Community Land Trust Films

Arc of Justice: the rise, Fall, and Rebirth of a beloved Community

Streets of Dreams

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Citizen Advisory Committees

The Affordable Housing Advisory Committee (AHAC) works in conjunction with City leadership and staff to implement the 2009 Affordable Housing Plan. The specific functions of the committee are to consider affordable housing policy issues and advise City leadership about those policies; to develop concrete action steps to implement the highest priorities of the Affordable Housing Plan, and to update that Plan as appropriate over time. View the Affordable Housing Advisory Committee's 'Overcoming Challenges in Our Community'. Click here to visit the AHAC page for more information, and meeting materials.

The Homeless Initiative Advisory Committee exists to provide oversight for the implementation for the 10-Year Plan to End Homelessness by sharing, applying, and tracking groundbreaking strategies that make a permanent and measurable difference in homelessness in Asheville and Buncombe County. Click here to visit the HIAC page for more information and meeting materials.

Council Committees

The Housing and Community Development Committee aims to enhance the quality of life in Asheville and the livability of neighborhoods by providing policy recommendations to Council on all matters relating to the creation and maintenance of housing within the city, including public housing and affordable private housing; and all matters relating to the alleviation of homelessness and services provided to homeless individuals within the city. Click here to visit the HCD Page for more information and meeting materials.

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